Angelo Sanquedolce Memorial Plaza

Plaque sponsored by the City of Norwich

Located in City Hall Plaza on Union Square

The Heritage Riverfront Park Plaza is hereby named and dedicated in honor of Angelo J. Sanquedolce, Comptroller of the City of Norwich from 1968 to 1998, for thirty years of exemplary public service, and for numerous and lasting contributions to the well-being of others, pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Norwich City Council on November 16, 1998. His professional and personal accomplishments, expertise and commitment to excellence established a lofty standard for all to emulate.

Angelo J. Sanquedolce was a veteran of the Korean Conflict, a highly respected leader and a goodwill ambassador for the City. He leaves a proud, lasting legacy as a distinguished, innovative municipal official and compassionate humanitarian. Angelo J. Sanquedolce will forever be remembered and admired for his significant achievements, and for his devotion and faithfulness to duty, family, friends, and community.

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