Captain Robert Niles Monument

Located on 37 Oak Street

Captain Robert Niles of Norwich was Commander of the Revolutionary War vessel, The Spy. He was employed by the government to carry to France an official copy of the treaty ratified with that kingdom in 1778, known as the Treaties of Commerce And Alliance. Of six copies dispatch by different ships, Capt. Niles’ copy was the only one able to pass through the British blockade and arrived at Brest in 21 days. This treaty hastened the departure of troops and stores which France sent to the aid of the American cause. This treaty was the result of General Benedict Arnold’s victory at Saratoga on October 7, 1777; France entered the Revolutionary War actively on the American side leading to ultimate victory at Yorktown.

The inscription reads:


A patriot who commanded the Spy during the Revolution, He carried the treaty to France delivering in to BENJ. FRANKLIN

Capt. Miles served his country faithfully and died a Christian in the year 1818 aged 83 years

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