Christopher Huntington, Jr., Home

Christopher Huntington Jr

Located on 410 Washington Street

Located on 410 Washington Street

Christopher Huntington, 2nd, or Deacon Christopher as he was frequently referred to, was born November 1, 1660, and was the first male child born in Norwich. He was the son for Christopher and Ruth (Rockwell) Huntington. In 1681 he married Sarah, daughter of Thomas Adgate. She died in 1705-06 and he then married Mrs. Judith (Stevens) Brewster, the widow of Jonathan Brewster.

Christopher was a deputy and frequently chosen as a townsman. He served as town clerk, succeeding Richard Bushnell from 1698 to 1702. He was an expert surveyor and frequently settled questions of boundary. He was appointed a deacon in 1695-6.

He had a total of eleven children. He died in 1735 and the property was inherited by sons, John and Jeremiah. John subsequently deeded his portion of the properties to Jeremiah and when he left Norwich, he sold the property to Samuel Avery.

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