Dr. Ier Manwaring Home

Dr Ier Manwaring

Located on Manwaring Road

Dr. Ier Manwaring was one of Norwich’s first women medical doctors. She died at the age of eight-five in 1957. Born in Montville, Connecticut, December 29, 1872, she was the daughter of John and Mercy (Raymond) Manwaring. Her parents moved to Norwich in 1877, taking up residence in the beautiful country estate in East Great Plain where she lived until her death.

She was educated in the Broadway School (now gone) and received her medical education in Women’s Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from which she graduated in 1895.

In World War I, as a member of the American Women’s Hospital Unit No. 1, she was decorated by the French Government for service at Chateau Thierry and Belleau Wood.

Several years ago the house was moved from its original site (where the Thames Valley Institute now stands) to Manwaring Road.

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