East Great Plains Mohegan Battleground

East Great Plains Mohegan Battleground

The picture of a proud Irish Mary Collins Stanley with her three boys Bill, Jim and Chick, taken over 100 years ago.

Plaque sponsored by the Mohegan Tribe

Located on 574 New London Turnpike (Three Rivers Community College)

In 1643, the Narragansett Sachem, Miantonomo, raised an army of 900 and marched against Uncas. The war party was discovered coming down the Quinnebaug. Mohegan runners were sent to warn Uncas at Fort Shantok and Mohegans at nearby villages. The Mohegan warriors hastily gathered and advanced to the Great Plain where Uncas confronted Miantonomo and challenged him to single-handed combat. Miantonomo refused and said that since his warriors had come prepared to fight, they would do battle. At hearing this, Uncas dropped to the ground, and his warriors, at a prearranged plan threw the Narragansetts into flight.

They were unable to rally their men from this surprise, and they were chased to the brink of the Yantic River where many lives were lost. The remainder were pursued to Sachem Plain by the Mohegans. Miantonomo was captured and held for Uncas. Also caught were a brother of Miantonomo and two sons of the Narragansett sachem, Canocicus. After a stay with Uncas of several months, the authorities demanded Miantonomo be sent to Hartford to await their judgment.

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