Lathrop Pharmacy

Lathrop Pharmacy

Located on 377 Washington Street

Dr. Joshua Lathrop, the son of Thomas and Lydia (Abel) Lathrop, was born in 1723. In 1748 he married Hannah Gardiner, daughter of David and Rachel (Schellinx) Gardiner of Gardiner’s Island. She died in 1760 and in 1761 he married Mercy Eels, daughter of Rev. Nethaniel and Mercy (Cushing) Eels of Stonington.

He graduated from Yale in 1743 and joined his brother, Dr. Daniel Lathrop, in the first drug store in Connecticut and actually the first one between Boston and New York.

Notes: This house was built in two main parts, a saltbox section and a three-bay Georgian section. It is believed the saltbox section was the first part built. Interesting features: original fireplaces, including a nine-foot cooking fireplace; original paneling—most in good condition; a smoking chamber in the attic and a cold storage chamber in the cellar (both built into the chimney), also an attached woodshed.

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