Miantonomo Monument

Here lies Miantonomo

Plaque sponsored by the Mohegan Tribe

Located on Elijah Street

After being captured along with some of his leaders at the Battle of Great Plains, Miantonomo and his warriors were taken to Shantok by Uncas. He was treated well but Uncas finally was ordered to surrender him to the English so they could decide the Narragansett’s fate. Miantonomo was kept in prison for about six weeks, and then the authorities had him released to Uncas and his warriors with orders to execute him away from any of the settlers’ towns, so Narragansett reprisals would not fall on their heads. Hopkins, Whiting, and John Mason, along with eight soldiers, had accompanied the Mohegans to see that the sentence was carried out and to defend Uncas in case the Narragansetts sought to avenge Miantonomo’s execution. Miantonomo was executed with a hatchet in a single stroke wielded by Wawecqua, the brother of Uncas, somewhere on the path between Hartford and Norwich.

This single act would prevent the Mohegans and Narragansetts from ever uniting against colonists.

Benjamin Trumbull, writing 175+ years after the fact, says that the execution was at Sachem’s Plain but none of the original documents have “Sachem’s Plain” as an execution place. Recent scholars tend to agree that Miantonomo was probably executed along the path between Hartford and Norwich, probably sooner rather than later, to avoid the possibility of the Narragansetts swooping downs and freeing their sachem en route; and well away from any settlement, in agreement with the United Colony’s orders.

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