“The mission of the Forgotten Founders is to establish in Norwich library for The Forgotten Founders – those men who served as President of the Continental Congress – ten of whom, under our first Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, were actually the first ten Presidents of the United States. We also intend to establish a center to study the first Constitution and its contributions to America as the foundation to our current Constitution.

Samuel Huntington was the first President under the Articles of Confederation in Congress Assembled. Huntington, and the other 13 men who served at the most critical time in history of a young nation, have been virtually forgotten.

It is our intent to build a library for all of them in Norwich as the appropriate site because our Samuel Huntington was technically this country’s first President.”

-Bill Stanley

The nonprofit corporation, The Forgotten Founders, was formed solely for general charitable purposes outlines below:

1. To secure national and international U.S. Presidential recognition for the ten men who served as Constitution of 1777 U.S. Presidents under the Articles of Confederation.

2. To secure national and international founding recognition for the six men who served as Presidents of the United Colonies and States of America.

3. To secure national and international founding recognition for the U.S. Founding delegates, commissioners, judges, ministers, boards, military officers and other government officials serving the United Colonies and States of America from 1774 to 1788.

4. To operate for the advancement of U.S. Founding education, research and other related charitable purposes.

5. To establish a United States Presidential Library honoring the fourteen Presidents while aiding in the establishment of individual presidential libraries for each of the Forgotten Founder Presidents and their spouses.