Wreath Ceremony & Essay Contest

Wreath Ceremony 2012    Wreath Ceremony 2012

Wreath Ceremony

The Wreath Ceremony recognizes the service that Samuel Huntington served our united nation in the Office of President under both the 2nd Continental Congress and our first constitution, The Articles of Confederation.

This is in keeping with the practice of our government that provides a ceremony for every President, post George Washington, on the birthdate of that President.

Videos of Past Wreath Ceremonies

Essay Contest

In 2009, William B. Stanley donated at no-cost, 6,000 copies of his book, “Historic Sites of Norwich” to area schools for education by students of our heritage.

Maintaining Bill’s interest in children, we conduct an essay writing contest involving colonial history as it relates to current society.

The essays are selected by the school administration for originality and prizes are awarded to the winners as part of the Wreath Ceremony.