Founders Cemetery

Plaque sponsored by Mr. Thomas Leffingwell Pulling

Located on Lee Avenue

It was December 16, 1661 that the town purchased a burying place of Thomas Post

Once upon a time in Norwich, upon the death of a most prominent lady, the new community realized they needed a cemetery. It was March, 1661 when Mrs. Sarah Post passed away. She was buried on the home lot of her husband, Thomas Post.

Norwich, as an incorporated city, was just two years old, but not far from this cemetery a hardy race of Puritans established their new community known as Norwich. “They were fearless, resolute people. They were bound by a common faith. They were an associated body both in civil and ecumenical capacity,” and when they came upon the ground where they built their church, they started a new Christian settlement, first called Mohegan, but later, in 1659, incorporated as Norwich.

It was December 16, 1661 that the town purchased a burying place of Thomas Post. It was a parcel of land 8 rods one way and 5-1/2 rods the other way in a home lot of said Thomas Post. It was often referred to as the Post Gager Burial Ground. It is now designated as The Founders’ Cemetery.

In this sacred soil are buried the founders of the City of Norwich, their wives and other family members: Rev, James Fitch, Mayor John Mason, Thomas Adgate, Robert Allyn, William Backus, John Baldwin, John Birchard, Thomas Bliss, Morgan Bowers, Richard Edgarton, Francis Griswold, Christopher Huntington, William Hyde, Samuel Hyde, Thomas Leffingwell, john Olmstead, John Pease, John Post, Thomas Post, John Reynolds, Jonathan Royce, Nehemiah Smith, Thomas Tracy, Thomas Bingham, John Bradford, John Gager, Thomas Howard, Thomas Waterman, John Tracy, John Calkins, Stephen Gifford, Josiah Reed, Richard Wallis, Stephan Backus, Richard Hendys and Robert Wade.