Eliza Huntington Home

Located on 99 Washington Street

The original owner of this land was Elijah Lathrop. In 1807 it was transferred to his grandson, John Lathrop who may have had this house built, although there is no house mentioned in the deed.

The next owner was Jonathan Dodge who purchased the property in 1832. The use of Greek Revival ornament indicates the house was probably built for him. In 1836 Jedediah Huntington purchased the property with dwelling house and barn, and it remained in his family until 1870s when he left it in his will as a home for aged women as a memorial to his wife, Eliza.

John Fox Slater Home (Elks Club)

Located on 352 Main Street

An early owner of this 1827 Greek Revival home was John Fox Slater, who was born in Rhode Island March 4, 1815. He was President of the Slater Cotton Mills at Jewett City, and founder of the John F. Slater Fund ($1,000,000) for the education of Negro freedmen following the Civil War, for which he was presented a gold medal by the Congress of the United States. He was also a benefactor of the Park congregational Church, the United Workers, and Norwich Free Academy. The Slater Memorial Museum was built in honor of Mr. Slater through a bequest of his son, William A. Slater. He died in Norwich in 1884. This brick house is one of the largest examples of Greek Revival architecture in the area.