St. Anthony’s Chapel

St. Anthony

Plaque sponsored by the Cape Verdean Community of Norwich

Located on 70 Central Avenue

Inside St. Anthony

Once upon a time in Norwich… Saint Anthony Chapel is rededicated to the memory of Joseph Candido Delgado born in 1882 on the island of Sao Nicolau, Cabo Verde and died June 1967. The chapel, a life-long dream of Joseph C. Delgado, was originally built and dedicated in 1926 at 165 Talman Street in Norwich to pay tribute to the patron Saint Anthony of Padua.

“I had a day dream one day and I saw the chapel and built it according to the picture which was presented to me at that time” –Joseph C. Delgado

St. Mary’s RC Church the Parish of the Cape Verdean Community of Norwich and the Delgado Family join with the Cape Verdean community to dedicate this chapel as a symbol of faith on this Twenty-ninth day of April 2006.